How did we proceed exactly? We took the challenge and tested over 25 hidden Spy Cameras in very close details. This is how we discovered that only a handful of spy cams meet our requirements in terms of quality, features, un-dedectability and price/performance. We at Swiss Keylogger offer Keylogger Keyboards (Secure keyboard) to secure the personal PC's quality is met and offers laborious manual work in the production of the keyboards in the first place. As a result of the study, 5 Spy Cameras could convince (partly incl. app & live transmission via Wi-Fi) us to 100%- And we also use them privately-we decided to include them in the sale. Here is an overview of the products we have tested:

TOP 5 Spy Cams


1st place: Swisscam© USB charger Cam Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi

High-resolution 1920 x 1080p HD video Spy camera is fitted in a functional USB charging device. Built-in microphone of the professional class. Memory of 64 GB. Controlled by app! (IOS and Android)


3rd place: Swisscam© Folder Cam incl. Night vision Full HD 720p

Full HD 720p 30fps camera in the folder. 3-5 meters high-resolution night vision. PIR Motion Detector: starts in motion. Recording on microSD up to 32 GB. Battery life up to 24 months.


2nd place: Swisscam© Bluetooth Headset Cam Full HD 1080p

1080p Full HD camera integrated in good Bluetooth Headset. Recording capacity up to 64 GB. Wide angle. Time and date stamp.


4th place: Swisscam© GPS Tracker Plus incl. iOS & Android App

Listening device and a GPS tracker in one. Incl. 5 years access tracking platform. The smallest dimensions: Matchbox format. Geo fencing. SOS function. Monitoring function: room monitor.


5th place: Stainless steel table clock camera incl. Movement detection

Inexpensive entry-level model: latest version 2019. Fully functional clock made of stainless steel with built-in mini camera. Video and sound recording. Recording on microSD up to 32 GB. Extremely wide-viewing angle sensor.

Spy Camera's Winner

Swisscam© USB Charger Spy Cam incl. App Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi with live streaming

USB Spy Charger Cam

Unnoticed in the USB charger,in HD picture and sound quality recording, as well as an ordinary smartphone charger.

Integrated motion-detection Starts the video recording if a movement in the room takes place.

HD spy camera WLAN in the USB power supply incl. radio live transmission . Simply plug into the socket. The recording starts with a new movement- or simply by App! (IOS and Android)

The recordings are a total of 64 GB of recorded memory and can use the supplied USB cable to transferr to any PC and view directly in the the mobile phone via Wi-Fi..


A USB power supply offers a continuous current supply via the wall socket, no battery necessary. Just plug into the wall socket in unobtrusive premises such as office rooms, rooms of the children, or load monitor the locally.

Loop Recording: Overwrites old recordings when the disk of 64GB is full.

Image angle: 15 ° up, 30 frames per second (FPS), power: 230V (US plug), video resolution: 1920 * 1080 Full HD


  • Spy camera App controlled (iOS and Android)
  • Motion detection
  • Live transmission via app in the WiFi
  • IP camera setup with QR Code Scan
  • no further configuration in the PC necessary
  • Stream/record to a mobile phone or PC via Wi-Fi
  • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080 Full HD
  • Memory to Micro SD up to 64 GB
  • Angle of view: 15 ° to the top
  • 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • Power: US/EURO plug
  • Permanent power supply via electrical outlet, no battery
  • Angle of view: 15 ° to the top
  • 5.0 Megapixel HD
  • Scope of Delivery: USB charger with built-in camera, Operating Instructions

  • Why Test winner? Beware of similar models!

    Verlierer im Test

    Control via app and real motion detection. True Full HD video quality.

    We have 3 different models of the same product class tested: this advertised model counts with a motion sensor however, the motion detector is not a-real and starts the recording at any change, such as light and shadow and other minimum conditions. In continuous operation, this model is not recommended to use!

    Similar models have a 1.3 M camera fitted with 720p HD. USB Charger-Cam: 5.0 megapixel camera and the 1080p HD quality.

    Memory capacity is with 32 GB limited. The USB-Charger-Cam can even handle a Micro SD Card with up to 128 GB.

    How does the live streaming and control via App work?


    Quite simply: through the supplied QR code scanning and the app on the smartphone.

    Then connect the app with the Wi-Fi router: name of the Wi-Fi router (SSID) and password in the app for the spy camera directly to enter and in this way the radio connection with live broadcast from the phone to the USB charger cam is made.


    Once the settings are made, you can also control your USB Charger Cam via app. Example: The USB charger app is plugged into a power outlet at home or in other rooms. Now you can access it from anywhere, e.g., in the city, cinema, abroad or elsewhere. The mobile phone requires an Internet connection, but a 3G connection is sufficient. You can stream and record videos, including sound, photo snapshots, and sound recordings, directly to the smartphone.

    The motion detection sends an alarm to the mobile phone (Push message) and starts the recording when a motion is detetected or the cam is started via App.

    Scope of delivery:

    USB charger Cam Wi-Fi (US/EU plug)
    Operating instructions
    Android and IOS App

    Swisscam© Spy camera in the Full HD 720p folder for long term recording including night vision & motion detection


    From the outside an ordinary file folder, but in the books interior rules high tech of its finest! Thanks to the size of the folder this espionage device has enough space to high-quality elements to store. Full HD 720p 30fps camera delivers brilliant video quality razor sharp.

    A strong High performance battery with 10,000 Mah delivers up to several months of play standby even up to 2 years!Charging is only necessary every few months.

    Thanks to a real PIR motion sensor, the recording starts with movement and not with other influences such as light and shadow. Real motion detection!

    Nightvision: The Integrated infrared (IR) LED also provides the best view in the dark and dusk. Darkened or dark rooms are no longer a problem.


    HD video and audio long term recording.

  • Recording start automatic on movement
  • Night vision thanks to integrated IR LED
  • Transferring recordings via USB cable to PC
  • Record video and sound
  • High quality, elegant design
  • Switch on and off at the push of a button
  • Video Resolution: 1280 * 720 Full HD
  • External memory: 32 GB Micro SD
  • Wide Angle (detection angle): 90 °
  • 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • Battery: 1000mah 5.5 hrs permanent recording
  • Endless Loop Recording
  • Video format: avi
  • Time and Date programmable
  • Dimensions: 148 x 215 x 27 mm, Weight: 330g
  • Scope of delivery: folder Cam, USB cable, user manual

  • Why 3rd place? Bottom line: Competition!

    Ringbuch Kamera

    True Full HD 720p video quality. Motion detection with PIR sensor. Night vision with IR LED..

    A spy cam as it should be! A file folder with built-in HD camera and a high performance battery for long time recording.

    You cannot monitor more relaxed and pleasant. Simply place the folder in the bookshelf and leave it to stand for months, while moving starts the recording.

    Scope of delivery:

    Folder Cam
    User manual
    USB Cable

    Swisscam© Bluetooth Headset Camera Full HD 1080p HD videos, photos and audio recording always ready


    A high quality and working headset on the ear so imperceptible you have never made videos in HD, photos and sound recordings! The ideal companion for all your experiences: whether you are at home with your friends, on the road in the car or in the city, record important meetings or simply want to capture your activities-you determine when and where.

    Integrated Memory of 8GB, as well as 64 GB microSD card expandable:

    The video quality FHD 1080p is razor sharp. Excellent voice quality when talking on the phone can convince you on the whole line. Wear your headset to answer calls and make calls with you if necessary, start an unrecognized recording at the touch of a button. The espionage camera radio with live transmission.


    Available in black.

  • Via USB cable to PC transfer
  • video, photo and sound record
  • High quality, elegant design
  • on and off at the push of a button
  • Video Resolution: 1920 * 1080 Full HD
  • Integrated Memory 8 GB, expandable 64 GB
  • Wide angle: 55 °
  • 30 frames per second (FPS))
  • Battery: 400mah-1.5 hrs permanently record
  • Lens: 0.6 mm pinhole
  • video format: AVI
  • Camera 3.0 megapixel HD
  • Scope of delivery: Bluetooth headset with built in camera, 2 ear clips for different ear sizes, USB cables, user manual

  • Why 2nd place? Attention to similar headsets!

    bad Bluetooth Headset Cams

    Real Full HD 1080p video quality. High quality microphone - Bluetooth headset suitable for any smartphone..

    We have tested 2 other models of the same product class: bad processing in the favorable plastic design. The sound quality when using the Bluetooth headset or telephoning could not convince - bad quality!

    Similar models often do not match the respective ear. The headset cam adapts to the ear thanks to two different ear clips.

    The memory capacity is limited to 8-32 GB. The headset cam can even be equipped with a Micro SD card with 64 GB to the 8 GB (72 GB total) integrated memory.

    Scope of delivery:

    Headset Cam (color: black)
    Operating Instructions
    USB cable
    2 ear clips

    Listening device and GPS tracker in one! Incl. 5 years tracking platform (new version 2019)

    Latest version 2019: Monitoring GPS Tracker Plus!

    Improving GPS tracking tracker premium in the plus version:

    1. Even longer standby time
    2. Improved audio quality
    3. Supports Micro SD card
    4. Control via iOS and Android APP (app included)

    Listening device: GPS monitoring Tracker plus incl. 5 years location platform and iOS/Android App!

    ✔ With any SIM card usable
    ✔ Tracker and listening device in one
    ✔ Query GPS position via SMS
    ✔ GPS Locations in Intervals via Online Tracking platform
    ✔ Works worldwide
    ✔ Geofencing (Geographical fence)
    ✔ Motion alarm (vibration detection)
    ✔ Anti theft alarm system: Motion and vibration alarm
    ✔ Low battery / battery condition alarm
    ✔ Power supply: Li-Ion battery, built in
    ✔ Sound detection
    ✔ Listen to the surroundings without notice
    ✔ GPS tracking
    ✔ SOS function 2 ways: Sends the current location to the stored SOS numbers and / or calls them
    ✔ Control all functions from a distance
    ✔ Weight only 27g
    ✔ As small as a matchbox: Dimensions: 45 mm x 40 mm x 14 mm
    ✔ Incl. 5 years tracking platform
    ✔ Up to 300 hours standby
    ✔ Important! Latest firmware version
    Incl. iOS and Android App

    Scope of delivery:

    GPS Tracker plus
    Incl. iOS and Android App
    User manual
    USB Cable
    Incl. tracking platform 5 years Access

    Carefree package:

    Access to the tracking platform is pre activated. All you have to do is use a SIM card (no matter if prepaid or contract) of your choice and use an SMS to make the APN settings. (See operating instructions)

    Entry level model: stainless steel table clock camera incl. Motion detection - unbeatable in the price!

    The spy built into a conventional table clock is the ideal monitoring device as it is applicable in for virtually all applications. The application possibilities would be e.g. monitoring of buildings, offices and other premises, monitoring of small or Babies, model making, video surveillance of parking lots and cars, houses, etc.

    This spy alarm clock is a fully functional clock with a built-in mini camera. The table clock has all ordinary functions such as display time. The clock is operated with batteries, as well as the built-in camera. The clock contains a battery that is fully charged in 2 hours. Recording of video and sound can last 16 hours with charging the batteries. The recording includes video and audio and is stored on a hard drive in AVI format. The alarm clock is in chromed stainless steel and works as a real table clock.


    -Latest Version 2019
    -Video + sound recording
    -Video quality: 628 * 582 (PAL)
    -Format: AVI
    -Connections: USB
    -No software or drivers required
    -SD card up to 32 GB memory
    -Camera works with batteries or power adaptor
    -enormously wide viewing angle detection
    -enormously wide viewing angle detection
    -Very small Dimensions
    -Certificates: CE, FCC, ISO9001

    Scope of delivery:

    1x hidden camera clock
    1x USB cable
    1x charger
    1x operating instructions


    Smallest price - great function - ideal for getting started. With the desktop clock with hidden video camera and motion detection - the entry - level model for             solid video recordings. The ideal travel companion. Easy to stow away - and if not as a Spy Cam in use - a really nice and elegant alarm clock made of chrome-plated stainless steel.

    Prices & Conclusion

    Swisscam© Headset Cam


    2nd place
    • 1080P Full HD
    • Wide Angle: 55°
    • 2 ear clips
    • 3.0 Megapixel HD

    Swisscam© Folder Cam


    3rd place
    • 720P Full HD
    • Motion detection
    • Night Vision
    • High performance rechargeable battery 1000mah

    GPS tracker Plus


    4th place (Reduced: instead $199)
    • Listening Device/GPS tracker in one
    • Incl. 5 years location platform
    • smallest dimensions, 27g
    • geofencing, monitoring, GPS tracking, and much more.
    • incl. iOS & Android App

    5th place: Table Clock Camera - The entry level model for only $39,00 BUY NOW

    Shipping costs to USA, Canada, and World-wide are only $6,90

    Quality has its price: We have conducted this internal study since we could not see the outdated spy cams that are offered anywhere. The year 2019 has some things promised, but meanwhile there are in the area cameras that are high quality products with innovative features (like Wi-Fi wireless spy camera with app, etc.) We want to provide you with a decision-making tool with this report, because we are convinced that these spying devices are 100% worth every penny and we even have them ourselves in use. Since the products are also very expensive to purchase for us and our core business are Keylogger Keyboards - we like to give out the "best spy cameras" with only a very small surcharge as a sales price to you. Here is an excerpt of our top 5 from the test:

    Save now: Buy bundle

    1x USB Charger Cam + 1x Headset Cam


    Instead of $438 ($39 saved)
    Bundle 1

    1x USB Charger Cam + 1x folder Cam


    instead of $298 ($19 saved)
    Bundle 3

    1x USB Charger Cam + 1x listening device tracker


    Instead of $328 ($29 saved)
    Bundle 4

    Secure Keyboards - The innovation of the spying devices (awarded with the Innovation Prize 2016 SCA)

    SCA Award 2106


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